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News on vision, eye care, contact lenses, designer frames for glasses & sunglasses and more. Apex Vision has an extensive selection of eyewear, designer sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses. Check out our blog posts.

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What Does a Scratched Eye Feel Like?

At Apex Vision in North West Edmonton, Dr. Hamdan is qualified to treat eye emergencies such as scratches eyes. Call...

Are There Different Types of Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses are often prescribed according to lifestyle and eye condition. Our eye doctor and professional eye care staff at...

Why Makeup & Eyeglasses Look Gorgeous Together

Come by Apex Vision, the best optical store in North West Edmonton to check out our vast selection of designer...

Why Own More Than One Pair of Eyeglasses

Optical Store - Prescription Eyeglasses - Eye Exams in North West Edmonton, AB How many pairs of shoes do you...

Frames For Eyeglasses Depending On Your Skin Tone

Optical Store & Eye Care in North West Edmonton, AB Your face shape can help you identify your ideal frame...

Ready to Find the Right Glasses for Your Face Shape?

The first thing to consider when choosing a frame is your face shape in addition to what sort of material...

Most Common FAQ’s on Eyeglasses

Eye exams & Optical Store in North West Edmonton, AB. Answers to some of the most common eye care and...

Change Your Look With Non-Prescription Glasses

Ready For a New Look? Non-prescription eyewear offers the easiest way to change your look. At our optical store in...

3 Reasons To Wear Sunglasses in the Fall

Visit Apex Vision in North West Edmonton, AB, to check out our protective high-quality sunglasses options for any season, need...

Kids and Eyeglasses – 6 Great Tips

Make wearing glasses fun for your kids by calling or visiting Apex Vision. We will be happy to offer more...

12 Tips for Optimal Eye Health

Optical Store & Eye Care in North West Edmonton, AB Good Eye Care Habits & Hygiene By practicing good eye...

Child Hate Reading? Prescription Eyeglasses May Help!

Making sure their vision is clear and consistent as they learn should be a priority for long-term development. Dr. Hamdan...

The 5 Coolest Sunglasses Trends for Fall 2019

Fall's coolest sunglasses from top international designers. Beautiful sunglasses that match your personal style.

Can I Swim With Contact Lenses?

To avoid eye redness & irritation we recommend that you do not swim in your contact lenses. Contact lenses &...

Back to School Eye Exams For Great Vision

It’s that time of year again...Back to school time! As you get ready to stock up on new backpacks, clothes,...

Protect Children’s Eyes During Sports

The new school year has kicked off and you can tick off purchasing all that back to school equipment. Now,...

Top 4 Eyecare Tips for Summer Vacation

This summer, whether you're headed across state lines on a family road trip, flying off to Europe, grabbing a quick...

10 Tips to Protect Your Vision

Apex Vision - Optometrist in North West Edmonton, AB - UV Sunglasses Did you forget to put on your sunglasses...

Ultraviolet Light and your Eyes

Optical Store & Eye Exams in North West Edmonton, AB If you want strong, healthy eyes and clear vision for...

How-to Guide for Buying Sunglasses

Sure, sunglasses might add the final touches to your chic ensemble, but the real reason to purchase your shades is...

Is Too Much Screen Time Dangerous For Your Kids?

Screen Time Pros and Cons Whether it is homework, email, gaming, chatting with friends, searching the web or watching Youtube,...

Top 5 Tips for Managing Eye Allergies This Spring

Spring is a season of new beginnings, when the cold harsh winter months are behind us, flowers bloom, and people...

Women’s Health and Your Vision

March 8th is International Women's Day, a day when women are honored and their accomplishments celebrated worldwide. From medicine to...

School and Vision: 2 Important Partners

It’s February and that means we’re smack in the middle of winter, which is also the middle of the school...

10 Eye Healthy Foods to Eat This Year

The New Year is coming and many people include healthier eating and exercise in their resolutions for the year ahead....

8 Tips to Relieve Winter Dry Eyes

Whether you live in a climate with cold winter weather or you are planning a ski trip up north, winter...

Diabetes and Your Eyes

Diabetes is becoming much more prevalent around the globe. According to the International Diabetes Federation, approximately 425 million adults were...

Healthy Aging for the Eyes

Getting old doesn’t have to be synonymous with vision loss. There is a lot you can do to keep your...

Women’s Eye Health – 7 Tips for Optimal Vision for Life

April is Women’s Eye Health Month in the USA and May is Healthy Vision month in Canada too, so let’s...

Trouble Seeing at Night? All About Night Blindness

At this time of year when the sun sets early, many people are affected by night blindness. Night blindness or...